Axtron Limited is based in Hertfordshire, UK.

We offer a wealth of experience with Project management, Business Analysis and software development services, particularly to the Retail and Utility industries.

The company also provides advertising and hospitality services through its successful involvement in Motorsport.

Notable Skills and Achievements

  • Experienced in coordinating multiple project teams irrespective of where they are based globally or if they are internal or 3rd party suppliers.

  • Always successful in engaging the business and stakeholders during a project so they feel that they are an important element in its success and as a result they are keen to take an active role in it.

  • Able to understand program code and data-bases as well as hardware enables us to be effective at all stages of your project lifecycle.

  • Willing mentors, we are always eager to share our skills and knowledge with the members of your project team.

  • System changes introduced at a retailer gave a £60 million benefit in cash flow and cost savings of over £100k per month

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